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Local Economy and Job Market

Söderhamn is an old industrial district, but has undergone dramatic structural changes. Large companies in the forestry industry, once dominated the local economy. Today small and medium-sized business plays an increasingly important role, bringing greater economic diversity.

Government agencies are another new feature of the local economy. These include the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) and the Premium Pension Authority (PPM).

Forestry companies and related manufacturers still play a major part in the local economy, they include StoraEnso, Vallviks Bruk, Arizona Chemical and Eco Log.

Business parks

Business parks Faxepark and Flygstaden are two important future-oriented developments. Faxepark is a development campus for IT-related businesses in the software and service sectors. Flygstaden is the former air force base, redeveloped as a high-tech business park.

Job Market

"Resurscentrum"/Resource Centre of the municipality of Söderhamn is currently running a project named "Högtrycket"/High pressure, within the European social fund.

Purposes of the project:

  • reduce youth unemployment
  • develop a common work procedure for public authorities with this target group, to assure intervention in an early phase of unemployment

Högtrycket and Resurscentrum in EnglishPDF (pdf, 129.6 kB) - Presentation

Searching for cooperation and exchange of experiencePDF (pdf) - Letter

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