Söderhamns kommuns startsida Söderhamns kommuns startsida

Organisation - Municipality of Söderhamn 2015

Municipal Assembly/Kommunfullmäktige

Nominations Committee/Valberedning

Audit Committee/Revision

Municipal Executive Committee/Kommunstyrelsen

Municipal Committee Department
Activities: Group-wide issues, communication, general  strategies and emerging issues, finances and personnel matters.

Building and Enviromental Committee/Bygg och miljö

Building and Enviromental Department
Activities: Environmental health, building permits, food control, housing, consumer guidance, energy advice.

Care and Nursing Committee/Omvårdnad

Care and Nursing Department
Activities: Health care, domestic help, security alarms, personal assistance, companion service.

Children and Education Committee/Barn och utbildning

Children and Education Department
Activities: Child care, arts, primary school, special school. high school, cultural school activities.

Culture and Social Service Committee/Kultur och samhälle

Culture and Social Service Department
Activities: Administration of buildings, streets, culture and leisure issues, diet, projects in the archipelago.

Employment and Social Welfare Committee/Arbetsmarknads- och socialnämnd

Employment and Social Welfare Department
Activities: Individual and family care, family counseling, financial advice.

Public Trustee Office Committee/Överförmyndaren

Public Trustee Office
Activities: Supervision of guardianship, wardship, trusteeship and stewardship in the community.

Electoral Committee/Valnämnd

Only active at public elections through Municipal Committee Department.

Municipally Owned Companies

Söderhamn Stadshus AB  
Söderhamn NÄRA ABexternal link  (IT, Sanitation)  
Söderhamns Elnät  AB  (Electricity)
Faxeholmen ABexternal link (Housing)

Local Federations

Kommunalförbundet Södra Hälsinglandexternal link (Rescue services, alcohol licensing)
Inköp Gävleborgexternal link (Public Procurement)
Hälsinglands Utbildningsförbundexternal link, opens in new window (Education for youths and adults)

Municipality of Söderhamn

S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-750 00
Fax + 46 270-411 63

Tourist Information

S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-753 53
Fax +46 270-173 68

Granskad/Uppdaterad: 2015-09-03

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