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The municipality of Söderhamn has about 25,000 inhabitants. 12,000 of whom live in central Söderhamn. As a result of structural changes in the job market, the population has declined in recent years.

The average age in Söderhamn is 43.5 years for men (national average 39.8) and 46.1 years for women (42.1).

The municipality is home to a large number of immigrants. The majority are from the neighbouring countries of Norway and Finland , but the population also includes immigrants from other European countries, from African and Asian countries.

Municipality of Söderhamn

S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-750 00
Fax + 46 270-411 63

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S-826 80 Söderhamn
Tel +46 270-753 53
Fax +46 270-173 68

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