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Skärså, an old fishing village by the sea.

Skärså, an old fishing village by the sea.

What Makes Söderhamn Special

The archipelago with its 500 islands makes Söderhamn truly special. The much loved fishing village of Skärså attracts summer visitors by the thousand, and is reached by car. You can also go by taxi boat or ferry to explore the archipelago further out to sea.

In the village of Söderala you find Erik-Anders, which is part of UNESCO's world heritage list. Erik-Anders is a large, richly decorated, wooden farmhouse with associated farm buildings, reflecting the peak of prosperity for the farming landscape in the 19th century and the social status of its farmers.

The central town is renowned for its many parks. The parks explode in a blaze of colour in spring and summer, attracting many visitors. The city´s most famous buildings are the Oscarsborg outlook tower on Östra Berget, which resembles a fairytale castle, the Ulrika Eleonora church, and the City Hall.

The bandy team Broberg/Söderhamn is one of the greatest clubs in Swedish bandy, with 56 seasons in the premier league and several national championships to its credit. Broberg's greatest player was Göran "Dallas" Sedvall, who could perform almost impossible feats with a bandy ball.

Another popular attraction is the F 15 Air Force Museum. It features all the aircraft types deployed at the former air base, such as the J 28 "Vampire", J 29 "Tunnan" and SK 37 "Viggen". The museum inlcudes a flight simulator for visitors.

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