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Decorated Farm Houses of Hälsingland

Part of the World Heritage List

The farm house Erik-Anders.
In the village of Asta in Söderala you find Erik-Anders, one of seven decorated farm houses part part of UNESCO's World Heritage List. Erik-Anders is a large, richly decorated, wooden farmhouse with associated farm buildings, reflecting the peak of prosperity for the farming landscape in the 19th century and the social status of its farmers.

Visit Erik-Anders

The farm Erik-Anders is privately owned. It is open to the public during the summer months with guided tours, refreshments and sales.

Erik-Anders shows interiors from several different eras, including a ballroom and three kitchens used on the farm. Murals adorn the walls and the farm has been carefully restored. The area surrounding the farm is part of a protection zone, to preserve the unique environment of Asta village.

The ball room om Erik-Anders

Decorated Farm Houses of Hälsingland on the World Heritage List

Erik-Anders is one of seven timber houses in the province of Hälsingland, listed on the world heritage list since 2012.

The houses represent the zenith of a regional timber building tradition that dates back to the Middle Ages. They reflect the prosperity of independent farmers, who in the 19th century used their wealth to build substantial new homes with elaborately decorated ancillary houses or suites of rooms reserved for festivities.

Decorated by painters, including known and unknown itinerant artists, the listed properties represent the final flowering of a long cultural tradition. The paintings represent a fusion of folk art with the styles favoured by the landed gentry of the time, including Baroque and Rococo.

The farmhouses are seen as the best and most representative of the decorated farmhouse tradition, and have been selected from some 400 surviving decorated rooms.

Seven Farm Houses on the World Heritage List

  • Erik-Anders in Asta, Söderala, Söderhamn
  • Gästgivars in Vallsta, Arbrå, Bollnäs
  • Jon-Lars in Långhed. Alfta, Ovanåker
  • Pallars in Långhed, Alfta, Ovanåker
  • Kristofers in Stene, Järvsö Ljusdal
  • Fågelsjö gammelgård (Bortomåa), Los, Ljusdal
  • Bommars in Letsbo, Ljusdal

Världsarvsråd/World Heritage Council

A local "världsarvsråd"/World Heritage Council is responsible for the management of this world heritage.

Chairman of the council is the Governor Ms Barbro Holmberg. Members are representatives of the County Board, Region Gävleborg, the county council, the seven world heritage farms, the University of Gävle and the municipalities of Söderhamn, Ovanåker, Bollnäs and Ljusdal. The council ensures that cultural values are preserved and that the management plan is followed.

Source for information about the world heritage: UNESCOexternal link, opens in new window.

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