Books in different languages

A book can often be borrowed for 4 weeks. Films and newspapers can be borrowed for a shorter period. When you borrow a book you will get a receipt. On the receipt it will state the duration for which you have borrowed the book for.

There are library workers in the reception area at all times during the working hours of the library. You are welcome to ask for help with borrowing books, films, discs or any other information you may require.

We have books in different languages. You are also welcome to leave suggestions for which books you think the library needs to acquire. We also have newspapers and journals in different languages. It is also possible to read online newspapers on the computer. If you do not have enough knowledge on how to use computers the staff can help you.

In addition, we have driving theory books in different languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Persian etc. If you want driving theory books in simple and easy Swedish they are also available.

For those who want to learn Swedish we have many tutorial books. However, there are many people who want to borrow these books therefore you need to make a reservation beforehand for a book that you intend to borrow.