How to get a library card

In order to borrow books you need to have a library card. The card can be obtained from the library free of charge. To be able to apply for the card you need legitimate and valid identification. You are responsible for the card usage and it is not transferrable to third parties, it can only be used by you. If you lose the card you need to report to the library so that no one can use your card. If you need a replacement you will have to pay 20 kr to get a new one.

You are also responsible for all that you borrow from the library and must see to it that you return all items when they are due. If you return items after the deadline for returning has passed, you will be charged a penalty of one krona per day per book.

You must handle everything that you borrow with care. Make sure that the books and other items do not get damaged during the time you have them. You are not allowed to write inside the books or deface them. If you damage anything that you have borrowed from the library you will have to pay for them to be replaced.

Children can only get a library card when they reach 6 years old. In order to make an application, parents of the children must fill in a form which can be found at the library.