Frequently asked questions at Faxeholmen AB.

When does the rent come?
Around the 15th of each month.

My rent notice is gone, how do I do?
Contact the Customer Service, 0270-729 50, and we will assist you.

In what ways can I pay the rent?
With bankgiro, autogiro or your internet bank.

I want to ask questions about my rent, who do I ask?
To our finance department, 0270-729 50

What do I do if something needs to be fixed in the apartment?
Contact the error report (Felanmälan) on tel: 0270-729 50 or email: felanamalan@faxeholmen.se if something is broken or should be fixed.

I have insects in my cupboards, what do I do?
Call Anticimex on tel: 0270-429 429

The neighbors play loud music, who do I contact?
If you get disturbed after 16:00 call tel: 0270-729 50 and ask for the Trygghetsjour. If the disturbance occurs during our opening hours, call the Felanmälan on tel: 0270-729 50.

Who clears snow in my parking lot?
When renting a parking lot, you are responsible for cleraing snow at the lot. If you rent a garage, it is the tenant's responsibility to ensure that it is clear of snow and ice about a half meter in front of the gate.

How can I renovate in my apartment?
Please contact Faxeholmen before starting a renovation. We can inform you about the rules that apply in your building and what costs it may be for you.

How do I get in the housing queue?
Go to our website and click on the "STÄLL DIG I KÖ HÄR" button and follow the instructions. When done, you are registered and starts collecting points. Please note that you must be active on your profile at least once every 12 months.

What is required for me to queue?
That you are 17 years old and have a Swedish social security number.

I've lost my login information, how do I do?
Click on "LOGGA IN/GLÖMT LÖSENORD" on your own page at Faxeholmen.se and follow the instructions. You are also welcome to contact our customer service at tel: 0270-729 50 or visit our office at Humlegårdsgatan 2 and we will assist you.

Will I get the apartment I'm looking for?
If it's your turn to get an apartment, we'll take a credit report and check income and debts before you get the opportunity to sign contracts..

Who gets the apartment if several are looking for it?
Of the five who get an offer to see the apartment, Faxeholmen chooses a tenant where the point is one of the things we are looking at.

How do I change or cancel my apartment?
You must stay 6 months in your apartment before you can start looking for a new home. We have no queue for just the change. If you have lived for less than five years in your current residence, the notice period is three months, when you change from larger to smaller or if you change to the same size. If you have lived for more than five years in your current residence, one month's notice will apply when moving within Faxeholmen. The notice period for your current residence must match with the person to move to. Example: Should you move to a residence where the current tenant has three months notice, then this termination period applies, even if you move within Faxeholmen. Termination of the apartment is always written in writing on the back of your contract or via our form.

Until when can I cancel my apartment?
Till the last day of the month. For example, if you enter your termination on March 8, the contract will end on 30 June.

How long is the notice period?
As a rule, 3 months with the exception of relocation to the nursing home or when the tenant dies, and if you are under 24 years, you may receive a 1 month notice.

How is a termination made in case of death?
The termination must be done in writing and this may be done by the relative or the owner of the estate.

Can I sublet my apartment?
No, we do NOT allow subletting.

Movement notification - see the Swedish Tax Agency's film External link, opens in new window.here External link, opens in new window.

How do I get internet connection?
See more information from Söderhamn Nära.

I have a bad picture on my cable TV, who do I contact?
Contact your TV dealer or Söderhamn Nära by tel: 0270-766 10.

Is cable TV included in the rent?
It is included in the rent, on all our properties.

Can I get a safety alarm?
You apply for a safety alarm at "Omvårdnad direkt". See more information here. External link, opens in new window.