Civil marriage

Anyone wishing to marry by civil marriage is welcome to the City Hall (Rådhuset). You need to book a minimum of two weeks in advance so that we can prepare for the wedding.

Most weddings are made in a special room in the City Hall. You can also choose to be married elsewhere, in agreement with City Hall.

This is what you need:
• Hindersprövning you apply for via the Swedish Tax Agency.

You need two papers; a "hinderspöning" and a "vigselintyg". Both papers must be submitted to the City Hall in good time before the wedding ceremony.

• Two official witnesses. If the couple does not have own witnesses, there are witnesses in the City Hall (weekdays between 07:30 and 16:30).

The names and places of residence of witnesses also need to be sent to the City Hall.


Convert partnerships to marriage
According to the law, two persons regardless of gender are entitled to marry.

If you have registered partnerships in Sweden you can transform partnership into a marriage in two ways.

• By written notification that you want to transform your partnership into marriage with a letter to the nearest tax office.

• Through a marriage ceremony without a hindersprövning. The City Hall only needs a certificate of previously registered partnership in Sweden. The City Hall informs the Swedish Tax Agency of the wedding ceremony. You are married as of the day of the wedding.

Wedding officiants:
Margareta Högberg, Sven-Erik Lindestam, Isabel Hildén, Eva Lindberg, Eva Östlin