How the municipality is governed

Kommunfullmäktige är Söderhamns kommuns högsta politiskt beslutande organ med 49 folkvalda ledamöter. De fastställer mål och riktlinjer för kommunens verksamheter. Kommunfullmäktige sammanträder sista måndagen i månaden klockan 18.00 i Rådhuset

The Municipal assembly (kommunfullmäktige) is Söderhamns municipality's highest political decision-making authority with 49 elected representatives. They set goals and guidelines for the municipality's activities. The municipal council meets the last Monday of the month at 18.00 in the City Hall (Rådhuset).

The Municipal executive committee (kommunstyrelsen) is responsible for the implementation and follow-up of the decisions.

The Municipal executive committee has an administration to support them - Municipal Department (Kommunstyrelseförvaltningen), working with management and coordination of all municipal activities.

Every department is led by a political committee (nämnd).

The day-to-day operations are carried out by the municipality's various departments (förvaltning):

Labour Market and Social Services Department (Arbetsmarknads- och socialförvaltningen): Responsible for individual and family care. Handles financial assistance, childcare, youth and adult care, counseling, immigrant service, alcohol and drug prevention.

Childcare and Education Department (Barn- och utbildningsförvaltningen): Responsible for preschool, recreation center, pre-school class, primary school and cultural school.

Building and Environmental Departmnet (Bygg- och miljöförvaltningen):
Responsible for environmental, health control, food control and building permits.

Culture and Technical Services Department (Kultur- och samhällsserviceförvaltningen): Responsibility for planning and development of cultural and leisure issues. Service of roads, streets, parks and dietary services.

Nursing and Elerly Care Department (Omvårdnadsförvaltningen): Responsible for care for the elderly and disabled people. Responsible for home care and personal assistance. Responsible for some healthcare.

Chief Guardians Department (Överförmyndarenheten):
Monitor guardians and good men. Responsible for under age children and adults not to be treated unfairly.