Social services

Socialtjänsten/Social services helps everyone living in the municipality if they need it. Children, young people, adults and elderly. The social service is divided into different units and all staff are bound by confidentiality.

Familjeenheten/The Family unit

Here, parents and young people, can seek support and help when they are having a hard time. Moms, dads and children may sometimes have to talk about problems. Then you can get free help from the Family Team.

The Family unit inspects children's need for protection after notification when someone suspects a child is suffering.

If someone suspects that a child (0-20 years) is suffering, you should make a notification. If you do not tell who you are, you can be anonymous when you make a notification to the social service.

Everyone who works with children is required by law to make a notification if they suspect children are suffering.

Försörjningsenheten/ The Supply unit

Here you can get help with your finances in everyday life. The unit can help with support for försörjningsstöd.

If you can not provide you or your family, you can apply for försörjningsstöd. Försörjningsstöd is supposed to be a support until you can manage yourself.

Socialtjänstlagen/The Social Services Act determines who can receive försörjningsstöd. The size of the contribution is determined by household assets and income.

Vuxenenheten/The Adult unit

Here, adults can get help from alcohol, drug or drug abuse.

Call Customer Service 0270-75 000 if you want to get in touch with Social services.

Here you will find information about the Social services for children. External link, opens in new window.

If you are worried that any of your acquaintances are approaching a violent, extreme movement or ideology, you can call Rädda Barnens phone 020-100 200 anonymously and free of charge.