Swedish for foreigners (SFI) aims to give you good foundational knowledge of the Swedish language. You learn to use the language for written or spoken communication in everyday life situations.

Those who cannot read or write get an opportunity to learn that as well.

SFI is offered to all those who have reached 16 years of age.


Swedish for beginners

Swedish for beginners focuses on giving a person basic knowledge of the language so that when they start the main Swedish language course (SFI), they can finish it faster.

Teaching method switches between individual learning and group learning.

Assessment of a student's knowledge level to determine which level of SFI they will begin at is done during their learning Swedish for beginners.

When assessments have been completed, students are then advised which level of SFI is most suitable for them to begin with.


In SFI there are three different routes of learning.

Route one is for those who cannot read or write or went to school for a short period. Between route one and three are those students who have had more education before or studied longer in school.

You study for a minimum 15 hours a week and you will write an exam at the end of each SFI course. After the exam you will receive a grade between A – F.

A is the highest and F is lowest and therefore a fail.

SFI education can be combined with work, internship or other education offered by the municipality for adults.

SFI works in partnership with Arbertsförmedlingen and Redo, a resource centre. Arbertsförmedlingen are overally in charge of students welfare and that means financial support for students will be paid by Arbetsförmedlingen during the time when they are learning SFI.

Arbertsförmedlingen organises internships, entry-level jobs and professional SFI for students covered by their support program called etablering.

Each student has their own case officer at the Arbertsförmedlingen office.

The goal is for as many people as possible to achieve a passing grade for SFI course D and then go on to study Swedish as a second language, SAS, or enter the job market.

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